My Story

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Welcome to the 3DGladiator Store! You are probably wondering what this is all about. Let me explain in a few short sentences:

This merchandise store is part of If you stumbled across it without entering through, I highly suggest that you visit the main page.

I’m building this platform as a resource base that supports you on your journey to becoming a successful fully-fledged CG Artist.

Mastering a craft usually means lifelong learning. This holds especially true for computer graphics. Becoming a CG Artist requires perseverance and commitment to learn both, technical and artistic skill in an environment that’s constantly changing.

I, like many of us, am an entirely self-educated professional, which means I know about the many obstacles one may face and can offer ways to overcome them on your way to:

– making a living as a CG Artist

– acquiring clients as a freelancer

– landing a job in the industry

– and continuing to grow as an artist

I strongly believe that you can overcome these obstacles too! With your support, I can continue publishing FREE content on All returns from this merchandise store will be used to grow the service and provide you with a lot more valuable tutorials and advise in the future.

Have a great and creative day!


Ben | 3D Gladiator